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20/20 VISION - The Workbook

20/20 VISION - The Workbook


How to Use This Workbook

This workbook is simply a supplemental tool that will help you get more out of the book, 20/20 VISION, for the betterment of your own personal perception.

Please do not let the word “work” in workbook give you the wrong impression or paint an incorrect picture of its purpose for you. This edition is designed to be fun (or at least enjoyable) for you, because it is more about the process of thinking creatively than it is about working. There are no right answers to the questions, and there are no wrong answers – there are only your answers. You will not be graded on anything in the workbook, and you don’t have to use any part of it that you don’t want to use. To really appreciate and understand it, however, you need to have read the book, or to at least have started reading it through as you go along in the workbook.

Each section of the workbook begins with THE BIG QUESTION, which is meant to be a thought-provoking summation of each section in the book. On the lines provided, you should write down your instinctive and spontaneous answers, remembering that the priority and main objective here is honesty rather than eloquence. Next you will find Scriptures for Meditation not included in the book. On these lines you should write down any insight or revelation that you gain from them. There is also an excerpt from each section covering each affirmation in the book and Life Application questions which are for your reflection and introspection. Hopefully, they will help you see some things about yourself that you haven’t seen before.

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    3-Ring Binder, 84 pages

    It is important to remember that, when writing down personal and self-revealing things, discretion is always advisable and important. But it is equally important to remember that nothing is more empowering than being able to tell yourself the truth. So don’t be afraid to do just that, because the truth will always set you free! Use this workbook in the way that best works for you, but whatever you do, keep it real, and expect to start changing in a positive way. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY CHANGING THE WAY YOU SEE THINGS!

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