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First, The GOOD NEWS: The Positive Truth About GOD, the GOSPEL, and What It Really Means To Be GAY

What is FIRST, THE GOOD NEWS about? It's...

ABOUT GOD: Is Jesus Christ the only way to God? Do you need to confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ to be saved?...Are only Christians going to heaven?...Is "The Rapture" real?...Is God going to destroy the world because of sin?...Is there a literal hell?...Does God really love everyone?

ABOUT THE GOSPEL: What is the Gospel?...Is it really only GOOD NEWS?...Is the Bible the Word of God?...Are the Scriptures infallible?...Is the Bible relevant in the twenty-first century?...Are the Gospels more important than the other parts of the Bible?...What do the Gospels really say about eternal punishment?...Does the Bible contradict itself?

ABOUT WHAT IS REALLY MEANS TO BE GAY: What does the Bible really say about gay people?...Is homosexuality a sin?...What did Jesus say about it?...Does gay sex cause HIV/AIDS?...Is HIV/AIDS the judgment of God on homosexuals?...Can God use gay people?...Can a gay man or woman be anointed?...Can you be gay and be in the Ministry?

In FIRST, THE GOOD NEWS, Bishop Jim Swilley fearlessly and unapologetically confronts and answers all of these questions and more for the Christian community, as well as for both the gay and straight communities. The world in general could definitely use some GOOD NEWS these days, and GOOD NEWS is what you will find on every one of these pages!
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    paperback, 287 pages

Bishop Jim Swilley gay


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