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Keepin' it REAL

Keepin' it REAL

Keepin' it Real

Becoming a Real Person
Experiencing the Real God,
in the Real World

You've never read a book quite like Keepin' it Real! In its pages, Bishop Swilley candidly examines an unusually wide array of subjects...the reality TV phenomenon...pop culture...history...politics...self-esteem...prosperity...success...parenting...multiculturalism...New Age religions...political antichrist...orthodoxy...prayer...the Holy much more...and addresses how they all relate to the Kingdom of God in the now!

But Keepin' it Real is also about you and how you can develop the courage and confidence to be yourself at all times and to live your real life without compromise. Socially relevant, thought-provoking, and theologically edgy, Keepin' it Real is a modern manifesto for REAL PEOPLE EXPERIENCING THE REAL GOD IN THE REAL WORLD (TM).

If you're ready to get real, get this book!
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    paperback, 193 pages

Bishop Jim Swilley gay


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