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School of the Bible I-V, CD or DVD

School of the Bible I-V, CD or DVD

In these sessions, Bishop Jim presents ideas about ancient truths for your consideration and answers some questions that have been asked of him. Above all, everything that is discussed in these materials must be potentially summed up in these three words: God is Love. This and ALL gospel preaching/teaching must meet that criteria – if it doesn’t demonstrate and exalt the love of God, it’s not the gospel.
--In SOTBI, the love of God demonstrated in the cross was emphasized and, because the cross is ground zero for all truth in the universe, that theme is also found in SOTB II. SOTB II exalts the GREATNESS of God, His OMNIPOTENCE, and His SOVEREIGNTY. Each of the seminars can stand alone, but they also expound upon and go deeper into the awesome love of God and the powerful work of the cross. Each unique session brings with it a new dimension of fresh revelation and insight while also building on the previous one, line upon line, precept upon precept. SOTB IV, takes you right into the manifested presence of God! We discuss the evolution that takes place when theology finally becomes doxology, which simply means that a better understanding of the things of God leads to a better relationship with Him, which ultimately leads to a complete worship-encounter lifestyle.

Originally a set of four, the SOTB series seemed complete. But, with living theology based on ongoing revelation of the God who IS Love, the more truth you discover, the more truth you realize there is yet to be discovered! SOTB V is based entirely on 2 Cor 3:6 where Paul tells us “the letter (literal) kills, but the Spirit gives life”. Very mature topics are discussed, helping us put away childish things, approaching the Scriptures with the paradigm of pulling down strongholds in the areas of relationships, sexuality and the roles of all people and people groups in society. Studying with the intent of celebrating the Spirit of God,The Good News is…the Spirit Gives Life!
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    Audio (8 disk) and Video (4 disk) Sets of the original one-day seminars
    Accompanying workbooks are available separately

    Since the seminars were recorded live, additional material appears in the workbooks that is not included in the disk sets, and additional material appears in the sets that is not included in the workbooks. However, each item can stand alone without loss of extensive study material.

    Session Titles:
    I – How We Got Our Bible; What is Hell and Who is the Devil?; Are We Living in the End-Times?; God’s Mercy to All

    II – How to Study the Bible; Overview of the Book of Revelation; The Lake of Fire and the Second Death; Christ Is All and Is in All: The Greatness of God

    III – The Gospel of the Kingdom: Developing a Real Theology for Real People Living in the Real World; A Global Vision: Understanding Christ and World Religions; The Restoration of All Things: Understanding the Doctrine of Universal Reconciliation; On Earth as It Is in Heaven: The Manifestation of the Unconditional Love of God

    IV – Behold the Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sin of the World; The Mark of the Lamb: Overcoming the Worship of the Beast; Singing the “Uni-Verse”: Global Reconciliation Revealed in the Psalms; The Songs of Revelation: John’s Vision of Universal Worship

    V – Rightly Dividing the Scriptures; The Letter Kills: Bible History and the Religious Roots of Racism; The Letter Kills: Bible History, Sexism and the Liberation of Women; The Letter Kills: Tracing the Roots of Homophobia; But the Spirit Gives Life: A Study in the Work of the Holy Spirit in Reconciliation

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