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The Four Biographies of the God-Man Re-Imagined in Modern Context

MATTHEW – the gospel of the Kingdom, the lion king: portraying Jesus as the Messiah so long awaited after Abraham…the King after David;
MARK – the gospel of passion and fire, the ox: strong, utilitarian, dependable, effective;
LUKE – the gospel of the fully evolved Man: sophisticated, elegant, educated, intelligent;
JOHN – the living, breathing gospel of the Son of God, written for non-conformists and individualists, the eagle: the visionary writing with the global vision of one who sees the whole earth through a bird’s eye view.

Why read a new paraphrase of the Gospels? If you've been previously intimidated or confused or bored by the Bible, regardless of its available translations and paraphrases, then this book will make you more comfortable with it and with your own interpretations and opinions about it. The Bible is hearty and robust, not delicate or fragile; it can withstand a lot of handling by human beings because it was meant to be people-friendly. This paraphrase celebrates the conflicting viewpoints of the writers with their different paradigms of God and will help you rediscover and rethink the Gospels. And, it will help you know and love Jesus--the God-man Who cannot be bound or limited in any way by religion or philosophy or doctrines or dogma...the first born among many siblings in the family of God who live in the twenty-first century--the Christ, better. It will open a door to the house of understanding and let you in!
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    Paperback, 384 pages
    Excerpt: John 3:16, 17 You see, God's love for the whole world--His paternal affection for the entire cosmos--was so all-encompassing and complete that He freely gave His unique Son to it, so that anyone from that world who believes in Him would not perish but would awaken to the fact that eternal life is theirs. It certainly was never God's intention to send His Son into the world to pronounce a sentence of condemnation upon it. Rather, He was perfectly focused on saving it...on redeeming the whole of humanity...everyone and everything on the planet...through the gift of that unique, manifested Son.
    (John 3:16,17 - John In The Now)

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