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Washed By the Word

Washed By the Word


The spoken Word over a background of live, instrumental music

A distinctive quality of Bishop Swilley is his frequent practice of quoting Scripture and washing his congregation with the mind-renewing, life-changing Word of God. Finally, after many requests, the "Washed by the Word" series were recorded live. You will be greatly blessed as you hear the anointed Word spoken into your life and will want to play them over and over again.

Watch for MP3 downloads, coming soon. Currently available at Amazon, CDBaby, ITunes and more

  • Washed By The Word Track Titles

    1. In His Presence

    2. The Authority of the Word

    3. The Psalms

    4. The Word Concerning Your Righteousness

    5. Your Blessing for Favor

    6. Your Blessing for Prosperity and Success

    7. The Healing Scriptures

    8. Your Blessing for Peace

    9. The Word ConcerningYour Children